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Sales Release Spring 2015


Imagine a private country retreat set in 35 acres of unspoilt organic Suffolk countryside. It has been intelligently created to cater for the busy urban refugee: a place to recharge, to connect with nature, to savour local foods, to watch the changing of the seasons, and to socialise in indulgent stylish surroundings. It is a not a hotel, nor is it a traditional holiday development. It offers you a permanent base in the country that you own forever, with all the normal concerns about second home ownership taken off your plate. It is stunningly beautiful, it is innovative and it is eco-friendly. It is Brick Farm. And it could be yours.

This is bespoke holiday ownership fit for the 21st century.


Brick Farm is a retreat for city dwellers who want a place in the country.  Here they will find stylish rural R&R, fresh air, stunning countryside, and top quality local food in an indulgent designer environment.  It is a 35 acre property set in gently rolling countryside in Suffolk. Once a redundant industrial farm with a range of dilapidated Victorian barns, we are breathing fresh life into it by its complete transformation into the stylish rural destination that we all dream of. We are implementing our vision of an entirely sustainable environment, where natural beauty and the built environment meet to create a true escape from urban life, without losing the highest standards of interior design. In two words, it is “Rural Chic”.

The farm will provide a total of 46 bedrooms. They are located across a range of beautiful dairy barns with flint walls and exposed timbers, a set of new field barns floating in a wildflower meadow, a glorious 16th century Suffolk longhouse. At the heart of the complex is a stunning solid oak framed Great Barn. It is a clubhouse with a spa wing, a private cinema, bar, billiard room, private dining room, together with a beautiful double-height room for relaxed socialising, music events and the celebration of local food.  Brunches, lunches, evening meals or special celebration meals: take your pick. All of this is set in organic, restored farmland with newly planted orchards, hedgerows, and hens to provide your freshly laid morning eggs.  It is a haven for wildlife, from butterflies and songbirds, to the deer who regularly cross the land.

Brick Farm answers the growing demand for people who want a place in the country, but it does it in a truly intelligent way.  Almost one in every 50 homes in Suffolk is already a second-home. Too many of these homes are empty for large parts of the year, draining the soul out of local communities, reducing housing supply, and pushing up prices for young local families.  Such holiday homes can also often represent a burden for the owners: there is a high cash outlay, maintenance work is required, and precious leisure time is wasted on routine tasks such as changing linen, doing the weekend shopping, and mowing lawns. Hotels offer full-service and convenient amenities, but also a lack of privacy, the annoyance of Sunday lunch time check out times, not being able to cater for oneself, and a lack of a sense of ownership and permanent attachment.

Brick Farm offers a socially-responsible, sustainable answer to this conundrum.

Sustainable Ownership

Brick Farm is not a hotel, nor is it timeshare, nor is it a traditional holiday development. It offers a permanent country base in a private members club environment. You will have a second home for use at weekends or longer breaks on a 35 acre property. Instead of the home being empty for large chunks of the year, our sustainable ownership model means that multiple owners make use of the farm throughout the year. You are guaranteed availability, can decide which barn you would like to stay in, and can come up to the country on the spur of the moment.

The benefits of this model are enormous. From the owner’s perspective, they can buy a place in the country without the full outlay of a house that will only be used for part of the year. You have a permanent link and actual ownership in the farm, unlike pouring money away on stays in hotels or self-catering accommodation. From a societal point of view, instead of multiple people each taking a cottage out of the local housing stock, here you share the use of a whole, purpose built, beautiful holiday retreat, all year round. It is a far more efficient, equitable and sensible use of resources.

Instead of your holiday retreat being a burden to you, your experience will be that of arriving in luxury hotel accommodation in the countryside on each and every visit. Fresh linen, a sparkling clean home, and even a stocked fridge will greet you if you require it. Furthermore, because Brick Farm has a stunning clubhouse, there is an element of sociability and the use of facilities that no second home would ordinarily provide. Finally, you can sell or otherwise transfer your ownership of the farm: unlike spending money on hotel stays or the contractual right a timeshare gives you, you own an actual property asset.

This is bespoke, intelligent holiday ownership fit for the 21st century.

Who’s It For ?

Brick Farm is located 70 minutes by rail from London Liverpool Street. It can therefore easily be reached from the capital on a Friday evening for that all important recharge. Our market is design aware, style conscious, sophisticated urbanites who expect not to forsake comfort when leaving the city. They appreciate that true indulgence is about having time to enjoy fresh organic produce, clean air, and tranquillity, whilst at the same time expecting the perfect flat white & high speed wifi. They will be used to foreign travel, but well aware of the inconvenience and stress that it increasingly causes.

There is little point in pretending we are in Tuscany. We have designed all of our properties at Brick Farm so that they are highly insulated, snug and cosy. They are for the person who enjoys watching the vagaries of the British weather from within a warm, insulated barn, seeing the mood change across our fields and trees. You can experience the elements by simply stepping outside and wandering across the fields in rain or shine. It is literally on your doorstep. Or you can flick on the high-tech audio-visual entertainment, safe behind the triple-glazed floor to ceiling glass, with a natural wood burner blazing in the corner. At night at Brick Farm you can observe the delights of a pitch-black sky, filled with stars and no light pollution, through an oversized skylight directly above your bed. You can shower in a luxury double shower room, watching rain pattering down on the skylight above. On a sunny day, pull open the large doors and savour the crystal clean, pollution free Suffolk country air.

If reconnecting with nature in this comfortable way speaks to you, then Brick Farm is for you.

Brick Farm is also a place where you can disappear into the complete privacy of your indulgent accommodation, or spend time in the Great Barn being sociable and enjoying the company of other owners. Some weekends you will want to explore Suffolk, go horse riding, or visit the nearby Heritage Coast. Some times you will want to spend an afternoon in the sauna, the fitness room and spoiling yourself having treatments on site. Sociability and privacy: both are on offer here. What is sure is that because you are not wasting time cleaning your holiday home, changing the sheets, or messing around with maintenance jobs, every moment of your precious leisure time can be enjoyed. You can depart on Sunday at 10pm if you wish, assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises about your accommodation when you return. That’s because you have chosen it, and you own it.

Design, beauty, luxury and a green heart can easily sit together with the right vision

Green Heart

Brick Farm provides us with a blank canvas to be an exemplar of sensitive, sustainable tourism in the countryside. Installing minor add-ons such as dual flush loos or energy saving bulbs does not make a scheme “green”. We believe strongly that environmental care should be a given, not the exception. It is an absolute core value of our scheme, but it needn’t be worthy or sacrifice comfort. Design, beauty, luxury and a green heart can easily sit together with the right vision.

At every stage of the farm’s development we have incorporated the use of renewable energy and minimised the waste of resources. Heat exchangers, solar power, thick sheep’s wool insulation, highly efficient triple glazing, and eco-friendly, traditional building methods ensure we leave the lightest of environmental footprints.  This makes complete economic sense as well as in the context of the larger picture of caring for our world. We have used Suffolk craftspeople and suppliers wherever possible, reclaimed materials and designed for the future.

The form of sustainable ownership we offer is also inherently enormously green. One home gets used by multiple owners, all year round. This is a far more efficient use of resources. Our scheme actually saves almost the size of the entire local village being taken out of the local housing stock! It is far more responsible and far more pleasant for second home owners to come together in an environment that designed for their needs, than to contribute yet more to the empty houses in the ghost villages that line the Suffolk and Norfolk coasts.

Our previously intensively farmed land is now fully organic and is certified by the Soil Association. We are restoring hedgerows, planting trees and creating a haven for wildlife. A swimming pond heated with solar panels is our choice, not a swimming pool full of chemicals. Brick Farm will not only be designed “green” it will be run “green”. We are not the only visitors to our land. Bees, butterflies, song-birds, pheasants, rabbits and deer make Brick Farm their home too.


Work is being carried out by local craftsmen, using locally sourced materials to create a retreat with buildings in harmony with nature and the highest standards of style and design.

The conversion of our 6 Dairy Barns and the refurbishment of the 16th century farm longhouse is now all complete.

The creation of 3 of our 14 Field Barns in the wildflower meadow adjacent to the main core of the farm complex is also finished.  The remaining 11 Field Barns will be sited during the course of 2015 after sales commence.

Finally the magnificent oak-framed Great Barn is well underway, with its frame, roof and outside walls all ready.  It will provide a cultural heart to the complex, with a double-height central space, minstrels’ gallery, catering, bar, private cinema, private dining room, and billiard room.  Its recreation wing will contain spa treatment facilities, sauna, steam room, plunge pool and an exercise room/gym. The interior fit out will progress during 2015.

Sales will begin from late Spring 2015

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